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The Congressional Black Caucus refuses to stand for record low Black American Unemployment! WB Explodes!!!

    The Congressional Black Congress once again finds a way to embarrass itself and prove they are not looking out for the interests of their … [Read More...]

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Trump’s numbers are up with Black Men!!! Paychecks over emotions!

      Black men are one of the few groups for which Trump’s 2017 average approval rating significantly exceeds his 2016 vote share. Is it … [Read More...]

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Roland Martin discusses Wayne Bradley and the backlash for keeping it real!

    A Throwback!!! Wayne Bradley spoke up on a few issues and very small group of local Michigan Tea Party leaders called for his resignation. Roland Martin has something to say about that.   … [Read More...]

Donald Trump questions protections for immigrants

      Allegations are made against President Trump that he made some unsavory comments regarding Haiti and African immigrants. Is this more #FakeNews Wayne Bradley goes in... … [Read More...]

Oprah for President???? Steve Bannon is Fired from Breitbart!!!

    The Wayne Bradley Show discusses Steve Bannon's swift fall from grace. Today he stepped down from Breitbart in shame. Democrats show how desperate they are pushing for Oprah to run for President! Her speech at the Golden Globe Awards … [Read More...]

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