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Who Deserves the Blame for Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama?

Who is the Blame for Roy Moore's lost … [Read More...]

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Alabama Has Spoken!!! #NoMoore

The people of Alabama have spoken!!! They want #NoMoore Where does the Republican Party go from here? Was this a loss for Donald Trump, the RNC, or simply Steve … [Read More...]

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One on One with With Arthur Brand and Malcom X on Black Democrats

Wayne Bradley goes One on One with Arthur Brand, a true conservative from Alabama and he asks one important question to Black Democrats.   … [Read More...]

Black Americans for Trump!!!!

Vote For Trump!!!! Black Americans for Trump!!! Make America Great Again! Don't believe the media hype!!! … [Read More...]

One on One Interview with WB and Cliff Russell

Wayne Bradley, host of the Wayne Bradley goes 1 on 1 with Cliff Russell over Donald Trump, Black Outreach, and The Republican. An great discussion and debate with listeners. … [Read More...]

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