Alabama Has Spoken!!! #NoMoore

The people of Alabama have spoken!!! They want #NoMoore Where does the Republican Party go from here? Was this a loss for Donald Trump, the RNC, or simply Steve Bannon? The #MeToo movement claims another victim in Tavis Smiley! Who’s next? A very lively conversation!

One on One with With Arthur Brand and Malcom X on Black Democrats

Wayne Bradley goes One on One with Arthur Brand, a true conservative from Alabama and he asks one important question to Black Democrats.


Black Americans for Trump!!!!


Vote For Trump!!!! Black Americans for Trump!!! Make America Great Again! Don’t believe the media hype!!!


One on One Interview with WB and Cliff Russell

wb hannity

Wayne Bradley, host of the Wayne Bradley goes 1 on 1 with Cliff Russell over Donald Trump, Black Outreach, and The Republican. An great discussion and debate with listeners.

Donald Trump and His Black Outreach Strategy

donald tbt

Donald Trump made recent direct pitches to the black voters, Wayne Bradley discusses the aftermath. Listen to a great show!

Trump and The African American Community…Why would you vote for Hillary?

trump pic

The Wayne Bradley Show on 910 AM, The Super Station! WB discusses Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the 2016 election. WB issues a challenge to the listeners- What has Donald Trump said that is offensive to the African American community….a great show!

trump black

Wayne Bradley and The Conservative Takeover of Spud’s Show!

wb show 910 2

Things got hot and heavy with Spud's callers who were not used to the conservative leanings of Wayne Bradley. The phone lines were on fire the entire time! An exciting show!!!


The Wayne Bradley Show Live from Detroit’s Eastern Market


The Wayne Bradley Show was on location at the Black Tattoo Music and Art Expo at the Eastern Market in Detroit. The discussion was about politics, art, Detroit, and tattoos.

7 17 show 1

Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, The Dallas Police Shooting Tragedy, and Black Friday Protest in Detroit

dallas shooting

The Wayne Bradley discussed the recent shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota, and police shootings in Dallas. We also discussed the peaceful march in Detroit, Black Friday Detroit!

alton sterling

philando castile

One on One with David Dudenhoefer


Wayne Bradley talks with 13th District Chairman David Dudenhoefer at the Detroit River Days festival in Detroit.

duddenhoffer 2

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