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The Real Importance of Enbridge Line 5

Over the past few years, the necessity and reliability of the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline has been up for debate. However, there are a number of facts that are … [Read More...]

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Detroit Public Schools don’t have mass shootings, maybe suburban America should pay attention

  Wayne Bradley discusses the Parkland shooting tragedy and the differences in the way urban cities keep their students and schools secure. News also came … [Read More...]

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The Parkland School Shooter and Mental Health, did the FBI drop the ball?

  Wayne Bradley discusses the Parkland School tragedy and how we deal with mental health in America. President Trump calls out the FBI for missing the tips on the Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz. … [Read More...]

The Royal Rumble in the 13th Congressional District! Trump would love another shutdown???

      As the field continues to expand we'll discuss whether the large amount of candidates could end up helping an outside of Detroit candidate. The President wants his wall and border security, is he willing to have another … [Read More...]

The Congressional Black Caucus refuses to stand for record low Black American Unemployment! WB Explodes!!!

    The Congressional Black Congress once again finds a way to embarrass itself and prove they are not looking out for the interests of their constituents! President Trump announced the record low unemployment numbers but Rep. Nancy Pelosi … [Read More...]

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