A Worst Case Scenario

The Worst Case ScenarioThe President From Hell
As the political pendulum swings on its own weight – left to right, right to left – what would stop a future Republican President from using and abusing the same tools of power, coercion, and cronyism that President Obama has used for political advantage … against liberals?


Say someone campaigns as a post-partisan reformer – but secretly plans on putting Democrats in re-education camps.  Or…it’s the President’s first day in the Oval Office, when an excitable intern slips a mega-dose of mind-altering hallucinogens into the President’s coffee.  For eight years he thinks he’s the reincarnation of Genghis Khan trying to wipe liberals off the planet.  He changes his name to President Khan, and grows a burly Fu Manchu moustache.

This psychotic – but charismatic and remarkably photogenic – warlord picks up some moves from President Obama’s playbook, and begins to systematically annihilate the Left…

The Wrath of Khan
Democrat Businesses Raided By FBI
August 1

In another instance of President Khan’s “social justice campaign,” armed agents from the FBI and EPA jointly conducted a military-style raid of a solar panel manufacturer in California this morning.  The factory located in Loma Linda was shut down for 5 hours while federal agents removed two tons of inventory, though no warrant was presented during the raid.

An FBI spokesman described the raid as “routine regulatory oversight,” but Democrat Senators are calling it an “outrage” and “partisan intimidation during an election year.”  Profit losses to the company, owned by a prominent Democrat campaign bundler, are estimated at over $6 million.  This is the third federal raid of an environmental company this month.

We Saw What You Did
NSA Spying on Colleges
March 13

Federal agents in the National Security Administration (NSA) have admitted to remotely activating tens of thousands of college students’ web cameras without their knowledge, in addition to reading the contents of their emails, resulting in over 3,500 arrests of liberal students and professors due to “anti-American, Communist, or disloyal statements.”  Cited as a continuation of the Bush Patriot Act and the Obama PRISM program, the Attorney General stated, “Americans have come to expect a necessary trade-off between privacy and security in the digital age.  If people truly objected to federal agents reading their emails, they would have said something years ago when Obama launched his internet surveillance.  They didn’t, and so here we are.”


War of Ideas
‘Fast and Delirious’ Sold Arsenal to Conservatives, Denied Liberals
Oct. 15

The federal gun tracking operation Fast and Delirious has been selling military weapons to conservatives for the last two years.  An anonymous White House aide stated today, “We’re talking upwards of five hundred thousand people.  My thinking is – and this is just me – What the hell is anybody gonna do about it?  That’s a TON of people!  And he’s the Commander-in-Chief.”

Federal law prohibits the sale of military weapons to civilians.  The contraband sold under Fast and Delirious includes fully automatic machine guns, Kevlar body armor, tear gas, rocket launchers, grenades, night vision goggles, as well as tanks, armor-plated Humvees, and a Blackhawk helicopter.

The White House Press Secretary responded to some fast and furious questioning, “The President thoughtfully determined that because President Obama had given billions of hollow-point rounds to non-military agencies, such as the IRS and Social Security, it was time to spread the wealth around.”

Meanwhile, every liberal who submitted a background check for firearms during the last two years has been denied.

Worst Case Scenario
So what?  Everybody votes.  One side wins, and gets to be in charge.  The government is targeting those nutjobs?  Why care about them?

Because there are no “conservative rights” or “liberal rights.”  There are only human rights.

When government uses its resources to target people, politics mean absolutely nothing; the REAL target is you!  The victim is your human rights.  Martin Luther King, Jr. said as much – “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  Those are your rights they’re trampling, just as much as mine.

Defending any target of government abuse is defending yourself.  Power trippers won’t care who you voted for when you get in their way.  Until eventually, there is no policy debate.

Worst case.


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