Ashton Kutcher’s Cool Conservative Talk

Every once in a while even Hollywood super stars can dish up a pleasant surprise.  I am not exactly sure where Hollywood mega star, Ashton Kutcher, stands on the political spectrum, but he came through with some pretty cool conservative talk at the Teen Choice Awards recently.

Kutcher, always a favorite of the teen girls, took the stage and announced that he felt like a fraud.  He then revealed that his real name was Chris.  Ashton is actually his middle name.  Kutcher then embarked on a laundry list of advice for those in attendance.

Work Hard

Kutcher stated that, “I believe opportunity looks a lot like hard work.”  He went through the list of menial jobs that he held during his teenage years.  Kutcher proceeded to utter words that would make every conservative cheer.  He said, “And, I’ve never had a job that I was better than.  I was always just lucky to have a job.”  He went on to explain that each job was a stepping stone in his life and he never left one until he had something else in place.

Kutcher was spot on with his advice, especially for a generation of kids growing more selfish and narcissistic by the year.  I once heard a child psychologist comment that the problem with teenagers today is an overinflated opinion of their standing in the world.   Social media affords kids the opportunity to regurgitate their entire life before the world.  They begin to see the world as a documentary on THEIR life.  The rest of the world – parents, friends, siblings, teachers, and neighbors – are all merely extras in their life-movie.


Kutcher moved to his second piece of advice.  Be sexy.  Of course, the teen crowd cheered and hollered.  But Kutcher had something else in mind:

“The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart, and being thoughtful, and being generous. Everything else is crap, I promise you. It’s just crap that people try to sell to you to make you feel like less. So don’t buy it! Be smart, be thoughtful and be generous.”

In one move Kutcher called for an end to consumerism and the return of courtesy and manners.

Build Your Life

Finally, Kutcher drew upon the wisdom of Steve Jobs, who he portrays in the movie Jobs.  Jobs knew that there were certain things that people expected and many in this world just conform to those expectations.  Kutcher told the audience, not to merely live a life of conformance, but build a life.  Essentially, think outside the box and live your dream.

The Bottom Line

Kutcher obviously had something on his mind.   Some have questioned his motives.  I do not question Kutcher’s motives.  In the Netflix drama, House of Cards, Kevin Spacy plays Congressman Frank Underwood.  Underwood once uttered words something to the effect, ‘It’s nice to do business with someone who knows how to ride a gift horse as opposed to looking it in the mouth.’  Kutcher’s words and advice are a breath of fresh air for a culture that is based on greed and self-absorption.  Whatever his motives, I am happy that a celebrity has delivered some pretty cool conservative principles:  Work hard.  Be sexy (smart).  Build your life.

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