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The Poetry of Logic & Truth

The Chicago Tribune’s John Kass artfully expresses what is quintessentially wrong and illogical about the liberal position on gun rights in his Sunday column. Not using, but leaning on the words of one of the most revered living voices in American culture. You may have read Maya Angelou’s interview with Time Magazine, but Kass puts her story into words that gun control activists fear.

I Need a Job – Unemployment is an Emergency

Perhaps no issue more left behind to bleed out on the electoral battlefield, President Obama has abandoned any effort to combat the deepening systemic unemployment trapping the middle class people he was purportedly elected to help. He probably doesn’t read the New York Daily News, but at least someone’s trying to remind him something like 13 million or more people are still looking for work.

Rebuilding Detroit

I wouldn’t call the Heritage Foundation’s assessment of rebuilding a ruined Detroit a rosy one, but they recognize that attitudes and approaches are changing, albeit slowly. Perhaps a little too pessimistic for Conservative is Cool, the conservative think tank’s rundown of the challenges facing our city is a stark reminder of why we need to stay the path.

Firing the Worst Teachers 


It’s pretty clear, one of the things plaguing our public schools are bad teachers. This is not an assault on teacher’s as a whole, and particularly not on those dedicated professionals fighting against a belligerent and failing system to educate their students. I had to include the L.A. Times Monday editorial backing new legislation in California, of all places, to finally make it easier to can a bad teacher.


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