John James Beat Senator Debbie Stabenow Twice in Debates



Michigan US Senate Candidate John James debated Debbie Stabenow twice in one week and soundly handled her in both debates. The only thing Debbie Stabenow appeared to do right was schedule these debates at times she figured it would be low viewership. A Sunday at 6pm during football season and a Monday afternoon made it clear she did not want Michigan voters to see her answer for 20 years of Nothing being accomplished in DC. 18 years, 5 bills, 3 for naming federal buildings, and you can see why Stabenow did not want the voters of Michigan to watch her debate a young charismatic business leader and veteran, John James. We have both of the debates for you to review for yourself, John James was the clear winner!!!


1st Debate October 14th Grand Valley State University

2nd Debate October 15th Detroit Economic Club

The Real Importance of Enbridge Line 5

Over the past few years, the necessity and reliability of the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline has been up for debate. However, there are a number of facts that are indisputable. Most importantly, Line 5 supplies more than 55 percent of Michigan’s propane demand and without it the people of the Upper Peninsula (UP) would be unfairly burdened.

I have a lot of good friends in the UP and I travel there frequently, I have been following this issue very closely. For example, I know that in January 2014, the supply of liquid gas from Line 5 was disrupted for about a week and those within the UP community were faced with increased costs of nearly 20 percent. Several of my friends and colleagues informed me that steep jump was felt throughout the community: Businesses scrambled to import the gas they needed to run their operations, and to families were forced to pay more to heat their homes. Not only was the shortage felt in the UP, but it affected the Lower Peninsula as well. Up to 9 percent of households in our state use propane as the primary space heating fuel, with more than 85 percent heating homes in Northern Michigan. There is no denying the affordability and accessibility the pipeline provides.

Line 5 is not simply a UP issue, but a Michigan issue. There needs to be a solid understanding of how important this pipeline is for a lot of Michiganders who need affordable and reliable energy.





Detroit Public Schools don’t have mass shootings, maybe suburban America should pay attention


Wayne Bradley discusses the Parkland shooting tragedy and the differences in the way urban cities keep their students and schools secure. News also came out that sheriff’s refused to engage the shooter, and subsequently resigned.


A recent Facebook Post from WB…

“Not that we have mass school shootings in the hood, but when I was in high school we had metal detectors at the entrance, bars on windows (to prevent people getting thrown out), and at least one officer on duty at all times. One entrance and the same entrance to get out. I once saw a kid get shot at the bus stop, but he lived. No mass shootings. An armed police officer and tight security did the trick.”


The Parkland School Shooter and Mental Health, did the FBI drop the ball?


Wayne Bradley discusses the Parkland School tragedy and how we deal with mental health in America. President Trump calls out the FBI for missing the tips on the Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz.

The Royal Rumble in the 13th Congressional District! Trump would love another shutdown???




As the field continues to expand we’ll discuss whether the large amount of candidates could end up helping an outside of Detroit candidate. The President wants his wall and border security, is he willing to have another government shutdown?

The Congressional Black Caucus refuses to stand for record low Black American Unemployment! WB Explodes!!!



The Congressional Black Congress once again finds a way to embarrass itself and prove they are not looking out for the interests of their constituents! President Trump announced the record low unemployment numbers but Rep. Nancy Pelosi did not allow them to even clap for the accomplishment. Sad!



Trump’s numbers are up with Black Men!!! Paychecks over emotions!




Black men are one of the few groups for which Trump’s 2017 average approval rating significantly exceeds his 2016 vote share. Is it that black men despite any personal feelings towards the President, they recognize the economy is better. Black Men are paycheck voters and simply are not tied to their emotions!


Roland Martin discusses Wayne Bradley and the backlash for keeping it real!



A Throwback!!!

Wayne Bradley spoke up on a few issues and very small group of local Michigan Tea Party leaders called for his resignation. Roland Martin has something to say about that.


Donald Trump questions protections for immigrants




Allegations are made against President Trump that he made some unsavory comments regarding Haiti and African immigrants. Is this more #FakeNews
Wayne Bradley goes in…

Oprah for President???? Steve Bannon is Fired from Breitbart!!!



The Wayne Bradley Show discusses Steve Bannon’s swift fall from grace. Today he stepped down from Breitbart in shame. Democrats show how desperate they are pushing for Oprah to run for President! Her speech at the Golden Globe Awards has inspired Liberals!


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