Chicago Politics and the Liberal Mindset

Political CorruptionIf there is one thing that both sides of the political aisle can agree upon, it is Chicago’s nefarious and longstanding history of political corruption.  The Windy City’s reputation is so commonplace that one only needs to utter the words “Chicago-style politics” and various acts of corruption come to mind.  Payoffs, quid pro quos, strong-arm tactics, tax evasion, abuse of power and voter fraud are all a part of Chicago’s political history.

It should come as no surprise that Chicago is back in the news for more cases involving political corruption.  Recently, Alex Clifford, a Chicago-area business executive blew the whistle on a top Democratic official in the state of Illinois.  State House Speaker Michael Madigan is accused of attempting to secure a raise for one of his donors.  Clifford was ousted from his job as head of Chicago’s Metra when he refused to give into political pressures from Madigan and others.  As if the list of corruption is not long enough, City Alderman Joe Moore has been accused of using inappropriate funds to pay two employees he recently relieved of duty.

This article is not a history of Chicago’s political corruption cases.  Nor is it an attempt to understand Chicago-style politics in practical terms.  This has been done on a variety of levels.  In 2010, Chicago Magazine published an illuminating piece on the topic. Michelle Malkin’s book Culture of Corruption is another must-read for helpful insight into Chicago’s corruption, which she contends leads all the way to the White House.  In this post I want to examine Chicago-style politics in theoretical terms and point out why it is something that should concern all of us.

The Chicago-Style Isn’t Just Chicago Anymore
If the thuggish and illegal tactics used in the city of Chicago remained in Cook County I would write Chicago off as a depraved city and go about my business.  However, there is a trend in our American political system, which unites the liberal mind with Chicago-style politics.  Unfortunately, this culture has found its way to Washington and is permeating many national elections like termites in a home.  There can be no clearer example of the Chicago-style than the IRS scandal in which conservative groups were admittedly targeted for extra scrutiny, and often intimidated by multiple federal agencies, in their attempt to secure tax-exempt status.  The Justice Department’s targeting of reporters is another chilling example of the Chicago style in action.

Utopia, State, and Corruption
Why do so many liberals subscribe to the Chicago-style?  I would argue that liberals pursue this method because of their commitment to their utopian and idealistic view of the world.  To the progressive liberal the imperfections and inequalities of the world are an irritating fact that must be dealt with.  The liberal mind places a high emphasis on the power and righteousness of government. Individuals have been taken advantage of, misused, and exploited.  It is only through government that men and women can be freed from their exploited states.  The liberal envisions himself to be on a Messianic mission in which the ends justify the means. Traditions, mores, norms, religions, constitutions, and other grounding mechanisms are falsehoods left for the less enlightened.  The liberal is wedded to his or her policy preferences and believes society will as well once those policies are implemented.  To the liberal, there are few things more important than power.  Conversely, freedom of thought and speech are viewed as threats.  Hence, the liberal must take any measure necessary to obtain power and quash opposition.

Why this is Bad for Conservatives?
The proliferation of Chicago-style politics presents a problem for conservatives as we move forward.  How do conservatives contend with voter fraud, electoral manipulation, and arbitrary abuse of power?  As I stated earlier, this is no longer confined to Chicago.  Barrack Obama brought a political machine to Pennsylvania Avenue.  A machine comprised of community organizers, radical volunteers, big donors, and a plethora of minions willing to fall on the sword in exchange for the opportunity to suck at the breast of power.   Obama has shown Democrats how to win by playing dirty. Conservatives must become more vigilant and organized in fighting against this corrupt machine.  However, the fight must take place using ethical and honest methods.   This is where groups like the Tea Party can benefit the Republicans.  If Republicans reject honest groups trying to fight the corrupt machine, they risk being steamrolled and cheated out of office.


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