John James Beat Senator Debbie Stabenow Twice in Debates



Michigan US Senate Candidate John James debated Debbie Stabenow twice in one week and soundly handled her in both debates. The only thing Debbie Stabenow appeared to do right was schedule these debates at times she figured it would be low viewership. A Sunday at 6pm during football season and a Monday afternoon made it clear she did not want Michigan voters to see her answer for 20 years of Nothing being accomplished in DC. 18 years, 5 bills, 3 for naming federal buildings, and you can see why Stabenow did not want the voters of Michigan to watch her debate a young charismatic business leader and veteran, John James. We have both of the debates for you to review for yourself, John James was the clear winner!!!


1st Debate October 14th Grand Valley State University

2nd Debate October 15th Detroit Economic Club

The Parkland School Shooter and Mental Health, did the FBI drop the ball?


Wayne Bradley discusses the Parkland School tragedy and how we deal with mental health in America. President Trump calls out the FBI for missing the tips on the Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz.

Roland Martin discusses Wayne Bradley and the backlash for keeping it real!



A Throwback!!!

Wayne Bradley spoke up on a few issues and very small group of local Michigan Tea Party leaders called for his resignation. Roland Martin has something to say about that.


The Wayne Bradley Show Memorable Calls!


The absolute best part of the Wayne Bradley Show is the irate callers that want to give WB a piece of their mind. It’s like therapy for liberals!!! Take a listen!

Wayne Bradley and Spudd Go One on One!



The Black Version of Hannity and Colmes!!! WB and Spudd go One on One!!!

One on One Interview with WB and Cliff Russell

wb hannity

Wayne Bradley, host of the Wayne Bradley goes 1 on 1 with Cliff Russell over Donald Trump, Black Outreach, and The Republican. An great discussion and debate with listeners.

Donald Trump and His Black Outreach Strategy

donald tbt

Donald Trump made recent direct pitches to the black voters, Wayne Bradley discusses the aftermath. Listen to a great show!

Wayne Bradley and The Conservative Takeover of Spud’s Show!

wb show 910 2

Things got hot and heavy with Spud's callers who were not used to the conservative leanings of Wayne Bradley. The phone lines were on fire the entire time! An exciting show!!!


The Wayne Bradley Show Live from Detroit’s Eastern Market


The Wayne Bradley Show was on location at the Black Tattoo Music and Art Expo at the Eastern Market in Detroit. The discussion was about politics, art, Detroit, and tattoos.

7 17 show 1

Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, The Dallas Police Shooting Tragedy, and Black Friday Protest in Detroit

dallas shooting

The Wayne Bradley discussed the recent shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota, and police shootings in Dallas. We also discussed the peaceful march in Detroit, Black Friday Detroit!

alton sterling

philando castile

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