It’s Time for Regime Change in the NAACP!

As a lifetime member of the NAACP, I was severely disturbed and disappointed by the resolution condemning “bigoted elements” of the Tea Party movement. While they mentioned situations where congressmen were spit on and called the “N” word, not one tape has been produced to show that happened. As someone that has attended and spoken at Tea Parties in multiple states, these claims are baseless and simply untrue. The racist spin and ideas have been constructed by the liberal mainstream media because of their unyielding support for the current administration. There are extremists in almost every group or religion, and simply saying that the Tea Party has “bigoted elements” without facts or real proof is a real disservice to the people that the NAACP wants to help the most. Instead of making resolutions towards the Tea Party and the constant lawsuits and threats to corporate America, maybe the NAACP should really go back to focusing on the communities, education, jobs, family values, abortion, and entrepreneurship.

Living in Detroit all my life, I have watched leaders from my city, including the great Coleman Young, use race as a dividing issue and it really must stop for the country to advance. My generation is not as “race struck” as previous generations, and a big part has to do with the great job that the NAACP did during the civil rights era. Race is no longer an excuse for all of our shortcomings and plights. We have a black president; the sky is the limit for everybody! That is what makes America so great!!!

I invite any NAACP president or member to a Tea Party event, and I guarantee that what you will find are frustrated Americans of all ages looking for a better direction. They are not blaming all of this on Obama; it is a big government issue with which we should all have a problem. We are spending beyond our means and we are heading for financial collapse, if things do not change. Tea Party folks have a strong love for our country and respect for the constitution, which most of our politicians have ignored a good part of their careers.

The reason I call for regime change is because we need a wider range of opinions for the direction of the NAACP. As a black conservative, I don’t feel much representation through the leadership. They have traded in their legitimacy of representing African Americans for a seat at the table with the Democratic Party, which has severely handicapped them when dealing with education issues and other societal problems, because of the allegiances to unions and other leftist political special interest groups. They do a very poor job of supporting black conservatives like Michael Steele, JC Watts, Condoleezza Rice, and Allen West who should be championed and admired at least comparably to the royal treatment Obama receives, for their accomplishments.

I was not surprised that the resolution came now, because if they had not made that bold attention-getting resolution, no one would even have known that the NAACP national convention was being held this week. So kudos for bringing attention to the aging outdated liberal agenda and political allegiances to the Democratic Party. This resolution should further remind the NAACP why membership and donations continue to decline. A call for new leadership and vision for the entire organization is necessary, if it really intends to help in the advancement of African Americans.
Wayne Bradley Tea Party Speech in Hanoverton, OH July 3rd 2010

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