John James Beat Senator Debbie Stabenow Twice in Debates



Michigan US Senate Candidate John James debated Debbie Stabenow twice in one week and soundly handled her in both debates. The only thing Debbie Stabenow appeared to do right was schedule these debates at times she figured it would be low viewership. A Sunday at 6pm during football season and a Monday afternoon made it clear she did not want Michigan voters to see her answer for 20 years of Nothing being accomplished in DC. 18 years, 5 bills, 3 for naming federal buildings, and you can see why Stabenow did not want the voters of Michigan to watch her debate a young charismatic business leader and veteran, John James. We have both of the debates for you to review for yourself, John James was the clear winner!!!


1st Debate October 14th Grand Valley State University

2nd Debate October 15th Detroit Economic Club

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