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On April 28th I had the pleasure of attending the 58th Annual Detroit Branch NAACP “Fight for Freedom” Dinner with MI GOP Chairman Bobby Schostak, and a MI GOP Delegation that included the political director and elected officials within the party. It was the first step in the right direction, trying to show that the MI GOP is interested in building bridges in urban communities. Although some people see this as pandering to the left, it is an opportunity to build relationships, especially on the local level. As the previous election results verified, the GOP cannot keep ignoring groups and areas of people. It was amazing to watch people interacting with Bobby Schostak and to hear the questions that people were asking him. Every question was not easy, but all of the conversations were engaging and insightful. A few people acknowledged that they knew they were “conservative”, just not Republicans. Those are the people we have to target, engage, and with whom we can build. As a Lifetime Member of The NAACP, I recognize the value both organizations have played in my development. The NAACP always gave me a strong sense of pride in the community and recognition of the struggle African Americans went through to get us where we are today. The Republican Party is responsible more for my adult growth in the business world and in personal accountability.  You take the mix of those backgrounds, and you have Wayne Bradley, a proud Black Republican born and raised in Detroit, and a product of Detroit Public Schools.


This was the first time in years the GOP bought a table and participated as an organization at the Freedom Fund Dinner. Maybe next year, we will get a table and an advertisement. This was a great start, and people took notice. I have said this multiple times, if Wal-Mart only received 3-5% of black retail business, they would change how they are doing business, so should the GOP. Of course, there some folks who disagreed with us participating, and with Nancy Pelosi as the keynote speaker, I could see why some folks would feel that way, but I can assure that a large part of the audience left during her speech, and she received little to no response to most of her speech. She was the keynote speaker simply because she is a well known Democrat in political circles. You cannot tell me that Condoleezza Rice would not have been a better draw than Rep. Pelosi, but that is where engagement and relationships can help make that possible.


I do not agree with many of the positions that the NAACP takes, which at times, hurt the black community. Their silence on abortion in the black community is terrible, and some chapters’ opposition to school choice is mind boggling. But there are issues on which we can work together and encourage black conservatives to become a conservative voice in your local chapter. We can challenge the status quo, as opposed to viewing the organization as the mortal enemy. We want to reach the people inside the organization. Attacking the NAACP institution will only spark distrust and disdain to the loyal members and observers.



Until Black Conservative groups have the funds, resources, and database of black conservative supporters, there will be only a few opportunities to present yourself to a large group of African Americans and to let them know that you care about the community and their concerns. Groups like the NAACP, Urban League, and Black Chamber of Commerce, will be the outlets. I am proud to be an Elected State Committee Member of the GOP and to be appointed to the Coalitions Committee. This is a great first step for the MI GOP.

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  1. Wayne Koper says

    Nicely done Wayne.

  2. Thanks for your leadership in this area! Let me know if I can go to some meetings, meet some folks.

  3. Wish I was invited.

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