MSNBC’s Creepy Confession: Your Kids Belong to the Government (VIDEO)

So much has united Americans in our nation’s history that sometimes it’s difficult to square the circle as to why we’re so politically divided. It’s tempting to think in a patriotic, conciliatory moment: “Could we really be so far apart when it comes down to it?”

Then you see something like this.

In a moment of frightening candor, MSNBC revealed the bizarre and ugly truth behind modern Leftism in America: that the individual exists to serve the needs of the state–pure and simple.

Need proof? Listen to contributor Melissa Harris-Perry as she ostensibly seeks to make a point about public education funding before hanging a hard left into Liberal Wackoville, explaining that children–your children–don’t so much belong to your family as they do “the collective”.

Behold, the terrifying true vision of the Left: Big Brother as Mother and Father.

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