Obama and the G20 Summit – Obama First, Everyone Else Last

There are few things more difficult in the political world than watching a United States President fumble his way through a press conference.  Today, speaking from the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg, Obama did his best to explain just what the heck in going on with the crisis in Syria.  Obama seemed noticeably uncertain about a potential American response to Syria’s use of chemical weapons.   His uncertainty has created problems for him as he continually tries to pedal this military strike like a used car salesman trying to dump off a Chevrolet Cavalier.

In this article I want to highlight how everything seems to come down to Barack Obama first and everyone else last.

Tuesday’s with Barack

After weeks of talks, hearings, meetings, and discourse the American people will finally get to hear something from the President on Tuesday night. Clearly the American people are skeptical about a military strike against Syria.  The President has done very little (if anything) to keep the citizens informed on the crisis.  Let us not forget, this is largely a crisis because the President stuck his foot in his mouth and drew a line in the sand.  The President’s imaginary line was crossed and now he needs to do something to feel like a man. He put America’s credibility on the line and he can barely put a coherent thought together on what he plans to do and why he plans to do it.  Like a junkie writing stolen checks at the local stop ‘n rob, the President does not have sufficient funds to cover his words.  As each day passes, the checks are beginning to bounce and Obama is left holding an empty checkbook and a pen.

Economic Summit Turned Into Obama’s Stage

Leaders of countries around the world have gathered to discuss global economic concerns. Wait!  Here comes President Obama with a problem, the nature of which requires everyone else to stop what they are discussing and focus on his issue.  Obama is like the annoying friend who only shows up when they need something.  I can imagine the collective utterance of ‘what does he want now?’ in nineteen different languages and dialects when he strolls into the room.  He wants the support of Russian President Putin?  My last recollection is that Obama took his ball and went home after Putin granted Snowden asylum.  Now that Obama needs something, he is happy to meet with Putin.

Stop Leading from Behind

It is an ironic twist of roles.  For much of Obama’s presidency he has done what he wanted without consulting the American electorate or Congress.  The American public had to take what it was given and like it.  The Constitution was a silly detail and Congress was a pack of “unbelievers” hardly worth consulting.  Now, when the country needs leadership he is seeking the opinion and blessing of everyone, probably down to the janitorial staff at the Pentagon.  He has spent his life blending into a sea of plausible deniability and unaccountability.  He is the Commander-in-Chief of the United States government.  It is time that Barack Obama took off his Garanimals and put on the big boy pants.


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