Who Deserves the Blame for Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama?

Should America Be Striking Syria?

syria missles

President Obama backed himself into a corner by promising military actions if chemical weapons were used. Turns out Syria used these weapons on their own people. Now President MUST act or forever lose the respect of the Middle East. Russia and China have warned America to not get involved. Syria has missiles pointed at Israel. The strike could come as soon as Thursday. Should America be involved? Your opinion needs to be heard!

Who is your favorite Conservative Candidate for 2016?

Rand Paul

2016 is still down the road but it's never too early to see who conservatives prefer in 2016!

President Looks to Kill More Jobs with Climate Change Goals!

obama f u

President Obama announced a new climate change iniatiave. Sounds like another job killing bill. President Obama just doesn’t get it. With an ailing economy, and the new part time job economy this President created with Obamacare. This is not the time for more regulation. With immigration looming, it will get harder for the American worker to earn a living wage. Thanks President Obama.

Is now the time for a Climate Change Bill???

Do you Still Trust President Obama?

jimmy carter

Should the Morning After Pill be sold over the Counter?

Morning after Pill

The Obama Years continue and the moral compass continues to go South…

Generic versions of emergency contraception can be sold without a prescription or age restrictions while the federal government appeals a judge’s ruling allowing the sales, a federal appeals court said Wednesday.

The brief order issued by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan permitted two-pill versions of emergency contraception to immediately be sold without restrictions, but the court refused to allow unrestricted sales of Plan B One-Step until it decides the merits of the government’s appeal.

Would You Be Comfortable Letting Your Son Join The Boys Scouts with The New Open Gay Policy



The Boy Scouts of America has agreed for the first time to allow openly gay boys as members, but a vote of the organization’s National Council left in place a ban on gay Scout leaders.

The Associated Press reports that of the local Scout leaders voting at their annual meeting in Texas, more than 60 percent supported the proposal. The policy change approved by the 1,400-member National Council would take effect Jan. 1, 2014, the organization said.

As a parent would you be comfortable sending your son to the Boy Scouts with this new policy???




What is President Obama’s Biggest Scandal or Issue Right Now?

obama f u

Will The Obama Administration Survive Benghazi Scandal, IRS Scandal, and D.O.J. AP Records Seizure???

Obama pic

Will The Benghazi Cover Up effect Hilary Clinton in 2016 for her Presidential Run???


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