President Obama Changes His Tune on Privacy of Citizens and Transparency

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President Obama once again has changed his tune since becoming President. Apparently now that is he is President, our privacy has been thrown out the window and the American people should just trust him and an out of control government. Over the last few months scandal after scandal has broken with this administration, and for the most part, the media has been complicit and offered this President unprecedented cover for all these scandals. Benghazi and The Fast and Furious come to mind in particular. It was not into one of their own, a member of the media, James Rosen of Fox News was threatened by the Justice Department and tried to criminalize the news gathering activities of the reporter in 2009 “for simply doing his job.”

The media now is starting to notice chinks in the armor, but is too late for this President? He won a second election because he had the support of the media.

I believe the NSA should have strategies and capabilities to track down and monitor terrorists, but not at the expense of all American Citizens and our privacy. I don’t trust anyone that much, especially not a over reaching government that has the belief and arrogance that they don’t have to be honest with the people. Regardless of who the President is, he is employed by us, the people. We have hold them accountable. Watch the Videos below and watch how the President has changed his tune on the privacy of Americans, as a campaigner, and as President, there is a big difference. Watch it for yourself.

Obama 2006: We need to stop terrorists while protecting privacy and liberty of innocent Americans

Obama in 2007: No more spying on citizens who are not suspected of a crime.

Now watch President Obama in 2013. Oh how times have changed…

President Obama- We Can’t Have 100% Security, 100% Privacy and Zero Inconvenience.

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