Russian Diplomacy – Putin Gets Over on Obama Again.

I have always been drawn to the writings of George Orwell.  Animal Farm and 1984 are among the most prescient works ever written.  The entire tenure of Barack Obama has been characterized as one Orwellian experience after the other.  Now, as Obama sits with one hand on the button and the other on a golf club, Big Brother once again shows his head.

Obama and his new sidekick, Secretary of State John Kerry, were adamant that the only way out of the crisis with Syria was to dish out a military strike.  Most of the American public disapproved of the measure and the world community was not offering Obama the backing he sought.  The last initiative to get dismissed so quickly was Obama’s effort to secure the city of Chicago as an Olympic host.

Yesterday, Secretary of State Kerry made a flippant remark indicating that the only way to get out of the Syrian crisis without a military strike was for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons to an international body.  He then finalized the statement with, “but that isn’t going to happen.” Following Kerry’s statement, members of Team Obama did all they could to downplay Kerry’s remarks as “rhetorical” or off-the-cuff.  I mean, after all, why try actual diplomacy when you have missiles at your disposal?

In an ironic twist of fate, Vladimir Putin and the Russians have now entered the world stage as the peacemaker.  By the end of the day, Syria had agreed to turn over its chemical weapons and Obama is stuck speaking to an American audience tonight with little to say except, “Sorry for the false alarm.”   The man who claims he was elected to stop wars nearly started one with serious consequences.  Obama must feel like Michael J. Fox felt in Doc Hollywood when he nearly cut open a child’s chest when all he needed was a can of soda.

Orwellian Moment

The true Orwellian moment lies in the administration’s efforts to now spin the results in a favorable light for Obama.  Amazingly, some are crediting Kerry with actually devising this plan.  The truth is, Kerry had absolutely nothing to do with this plan.  Kerry was the war hawk marching to Capitol Hill demanding support for a military strike.   To make matters worse, Kerry is trying to have it both ways.  In a House Armed Services Committee hearing, Kerry told members that the only reason Syria was agreeing to turn over its chemical weapons was the threat of force.  But wait!  Previously, Kerry told us that the attack on Syria would be “unbelievably small”.  In fact, the picture that was painted by the Obama administration was that the strike would be so small and isolated that Syrians would go about their daily lives as if nothing had happened.  Which is it?  You can’t claim that the threat of force caused something when there was barely a threat of force.  Political pundits are scratching their heads like Winston Smith trying to remember which story to believe. Did we have a surplus of boots last year?  I remember otherwise…Big Brother informs me we did…The political spin from this administration boggles the mind more than riding the Tilt- a-Whirl with a hangover.

The Bottom Line

Once again Putin has stepped to the front of the world stage and delivered a big smack on the beak to President Obama.  Lately, Putin has been toying with Obama like he is the Roadrunner and Obama is Wile E. Coyote.  Obama’s inexperience is fully revealed and it will only get worse over the remaining three years.   Obama will give his speech tonight and there will be no signs of contrition or humility.  Historically, Obama doubles down and that is just the way he plays.  Unfortunately for America, Obama has wagered the kids’ college funds and we have the short stack at the table.  Nice job Hollywood!

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