Should America Be Striking Syria?

syria missles

President Obama backed himself into a corner by promising military actions if chemical weapons were used. Turns out Syria used these weapons on their own people. Now President MUST act or forever lose the respect of the Middle East. Russia and China have warned America to not get involved. Syria has missiles pointed at Israel. The strike could come as soon as Thursday. Should America be involved? Your opinion needs to be heard!

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  1. Mary MacMaster says

    Should the US stay out of #Syria?

    YES. Al Qaeda is the rebels trying to overthrow the Syrian government and we are fighting and DIEING in Afghanistan to fight against these SAME EXACT rebels.

    Additionally, the false pretense that we must intervene because Assad allegedly used chemical weapons sounds a LOT like Iraq. IF we were so concerned about chemical weapons being used, we would have therefore got involved when the "rebels" used chemical weapons back in May. How did we respond? We gave the rebels more money instead and more weapons.

    So why does the government only want war with Syria for their alleged use (which evidence dictates it was actually the rebels) of chemical weapons? Why didn't the government be so 'humanitarian' and drop bombs on the rebels instead of ARMING them to the teeth?

    Why would Assad invite UN chemical weapons inspectors, quarter them, and then use chemical weapons to attack his own people 2 miles down the road of where he is personally quartering the inspectors? Makes no logical sense.

    The lies are obvious. NO MORE WARS.

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