The Wayne Bradley Show Memorable Calls!


The absolute best part of the Wayne Bradley Show is the irate callers that want to give WB a piece of their mind. It’s like therapy for liberals!!! Take a listen!

Wayne Bradley Interviews the owners of Painting With a Twist- Detroit! WB Paints!




Wayne Bradley puts politics aside and gets more in touch with his artistic side! He brings in the owners of Painting With a Twist Detroit Donna and Michelle Lewis.

Painting with a Twist Detroit owners finding success with a little bit of paint, and lots of fun in the Motor City


When Michelle and Donna Lewis were growing up in northwest Detroit their house was the playhouse. That’s where all the neighborhood kids felt free to go and have fun in a welcoming, relaxed and family-like environment.

Fast-forward to their adult years and people are still being welcomed to have fun at Michelle and Donna’s place. In this case, that place is three different locations of Painting With a Twist— a playhouse of sorts for adults.

Michelle, the baby sister of the five-sibling bunch, launched what’s now a family enterprise when she opened her first store in downtown Ferndale in 2010. Sisters, relatives and other close kin and friends made up most of her staff. Success there led her to open a second location in Farmington in 2012.

Big sister Donna—originally a front-desk assistant– became so attached to Painting With A Twist, she told Michelle she wanted in, in a big way. The two sisters joined together to make a dream come true–opening a third location in their cherished hometown. The downtown Detroit store opened in 2015 with the sisters as full partners.


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The Wayne Bradley Show Live from Detroit’s Eastern Market


The Wayne Bradley Show was on location at the Black Tattoo Music and Art Expo at the Eastern Market in Detroit. The discussion was about politics, art, Detroit, and tattoos.

7 17 show 1

The Wayne Bradley Show with Guest Host Rick Ector and Congressional Candidate Jeff Jones


Gun Rights Activist and NRA Certified Instructor Rick Ector was a guest host with Wayne Bradley today. They had a spirited conversation on gun rights and politics. Jeff Jones, who is running for US Congress in the 12th District against Debbie Dingel. A great show, take a listen!

rick ector and wb

The Wayne Bradley on 1400 AM and 92.7 The Patriot


7-27-13 Episode
The Wayne Bradley Show discusses the Detroit Mayoral Race and all the crazy stunts being pulled during the election. WB further discusses the classless remarks of President Obama calling the IRS Scandal, Benghazi, and the Fast Furious as “Phony Scandals”. A great show, listen in!

The Wayne Bradley Show on 1400 AM and 92.7 The Patriot


6-29-13 Episode. Wayne Bradley talks about the ruling of the Supreme Court on DOMA, Immigration Reform, and The Voting Rights Ruling. WB also goes local and talks about the Mike Duggan write in campaign, and the Charles Pugh scandal.

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