Donald Trump and His Black Outreach Strategy

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Donald Trump made recent direct pitches to the black voters, Wayne Bradley discusses the aftermath. Listen to a great show!

Trump and The African American Community…Why would you vote for Hillary?

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The Wayne Bradley Show on 910 AM, The Super Station! WB discusses Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the 2016 election. WB issues a challenge to the listeners- What has Donald Trump said that is offensive to the African American community….a great show!

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The Wayne Bradley Show 7/3 Episode on Brian Banks, Bill Clinton’s Visit with Loretta Lynch, Antoine Davenport Interview


The Wayne Bradley Show discusses Rep. Brian Banks and his recent felony charges, along with the Presidential race, Hillary Clinton and shady politics! One on one interview with Antoine Davenport, candidate for State Rep. in the 8th District. Listen In!

The Obama Legacy, Hillary vs Obama?, and The Trump Train Rolls


Wayne Bradley was joined in the studio with Apostle Keith Barr where they discussed the Obama legacy, the transgender bathroom issue, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump! Listen to the show!

WB Show Talks the Detroit Public Schools Debate and Donald Trump


The Wayne Bradley Show discusses violence in Detroit, Police Appreciation Week, The Battle over DPS, and the Presidential debate.

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