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Wayne Bradley discusses in depth the Trayvon Martin case, the feelings of black people, white people, supporters and opposition of George Zimmerman. One of the most explosive shows ever! A ton of callers across Metro Detroit called and weighed in!

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Wayne Bradley is a political consultant and pundit. He currently hosts the Wayne Bradley Show on Blog Talk Radio.
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  1. Sidney Saturyne says

    I think you nailed all the basic points in your opening thoughs about this sad, tragic situation. I personally feel like Trayvon would still be alive if Zimmerman had done as the 911 told him to do & stay in his car & NOT get out to follow MARTIN, who was walking home. I think it is lost on many people that Martin wasn't some "suspicious stranger", he was walking HOME. I don't think the argument that "Zimmerman was taking a stand against crime in the neighborhood" is valid b/c again…Martin was a young boy who LIVED in that neighborhood.

  2. Just a point of clarification: Martin did NOT live in the neighborhood; his father lived in the neighborhood. Martin lived with his mother in Miami and was visiting his father during a 10-day school suspension.

  3. Evelyn Bradley-Sanders says

    If you want to get technical, wherever his father live that is considered home for him…he had 2 homes, it doesn't matter if he was on suspension, he was going home. People need to put themselves into the shoes of Trayvon's mother…if that was your child, how would you behave? Would you want Justice? Or just let it GO!

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