Donald Trump Vs Steve Bannon!!!! Like a Bitter Ex, Bannon is so scorned!



Steve Bannon made some startling accusations against the President and his family. Steve Bannon once in the inner circle decided to turn on the same man who put him in the position of power and notoriety and now is seeing that not being able to ride on the President’s coattails is not so easy. Will this be the end of his Alt Right Movement???

Dems to continue to ignore Black Women and The Black Vote






Wayne Bradley is joined by guest host Eric Brown and they discuss a range of topics including the impact of Black women in voting, Doug Jones refusing to hire black staff in Senior positions, the Donald Trump tax Cut, and the Russian Investigation.


Wayne Bradley Interviews the owners of Painting With a Twist- Detroit! WB Paints!




Wayne Bradley puts politics aside and gets more in touch with his artistic side! He brings in the owners of Painting With a Twist Detroit Donna and Michelle Lewis.

Painting with a Twist Detroit owners finding success with a little bit of paint, and lots of fun in the Motor City


When Michelle and Donna Lewis were growing up in northwest Detroit their house was the playhouse. That’s where all the neighborhood kids felt free to go and have fun in a welcoming, relaxed and family-like environment.

Fast-forward to their adult years and people are still being welcomed to have fun at Michelle and Donna’s place. In this case, that place is three different locations of Painting With a Twist— a playhouse of sorts for adults.

Michelle, the baby sister of the five-sibling bunch, launched what’s now a family enterprise when she opened her first store in downtown Ferndale in 2010. Sisters, relatives and other close kin and friends made up most of her staff. Success there led her to open a second location in Farmington in 2012.

Big sister Donna—originally a front-desk assistant– became so attached to Painting With A Twist, she told Michelle she wanted in, in a big way. The two sisters joined together to make a dream come true–opening a third location in their cherished hometown. The downtown Detroit store opened in 2015 with the sisters as full partners.


Visit the Website here.



Wayne Bradley Show- People are Mad About Receiving A Bigger Paycheck???



Liberals explode at the idea of government taking less of our money. Only in the Donald Trump Era would people be so upset over tax cuts! They just don’t want Donald Trump to be Great!!! Tax cuts, corporate bonuses, and corporate investment in America, and yet Dems are mad!

Wayne Bradley show with special guest Spudd and Charlene Mitchell on #MeToo

Wayne Bradley talks with Spudd about Roy Moore, Donald Trump, and outreach in the Republican Party. Charlene Mitchell also comes on to discuss the #MeToo movement and the climate in the workplace.


Alabama Has Spoken!!! #NoMoore

The people of Alabama have spoken!!! They want #NoMoore Where does the Republican Party go from here? Was this a loss for Donald Trump, the RNC, or simply Steve Bannon? The #MeToo movement claims another victim in Tavis Smiley! Who’s next? A very lively conversation!

One on One with With Arthur Brand and Malcom X on Black Democrats

Wayne Bradley goes One on One with Arthur Brand, a true conservative from Alabama and he asks one important question to Black Democrats.


Black Americans for Trump!!!!


Vote For Trump!!!! Black Americans for Trump!!! Make America Great Again! Don’t believe the media hype!!!


One on One Interview with WB and Cliff Russell

wb hannity

Wayne Bradley, host of the Wayne Bradley goes 1 on 1 with Cliff Russell over Donald Trump, Black Outreach, and The Republican. An great discussion and debate with listeners.

Donald Trump and His Black Outreach Strategy

donald tbt

Donald Trump made recent direct pitches to the black voters, Wayne Bradley discusses the aftermath. Listen to a great show!

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